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After Tonsillectomy

popsicleWhat to Eat After Tonsillectomy Surgery

Smooth and cold.


For a couple days after your tonsillectomy, you will want to make sure that any foods you eat do not adversely affect your healing process. Therefore, you may want to purchase a few items before the surgery so you're stocked up and ready. When shopping, think: Smooth & Cold, foods with minimal texture, and no spices (these will burn your raw throat.


Cold Foods - The cold of the food may help with the pain and swelling. Popsicles, frozen fruit pops and sorbet are ideal.

Soft Foods - Mashed potatoes, pasta, cottage cheese (after the first 24 hours), applesauce and soup.

Smooth  creamy peanut butter, cream soup with soft vegetables, cooked cereal, yogurt, custard, pudding,poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omlets, pancakes, Vitamin rich beets, yams, potatoes and winter squash make attractive meals when steamed and mashed.


Remove peelings and don't add pepper or other spices that might be a choking hazard. Small frequent servings are better tolerated by those who tire easily. Mix pureed carrots with ginger and maple syrup for a nutritious treat. Nutritional drinks and powders sold in sports nutrition stores can add protein and calories when needed. Cold fortified cereals that become soggy in milk are soft; use soy or rice milk for better gastric tolerance. Oatmeal can be sweetened with fruit juice for fiber and vitamins. Mashed ripe bananas provide potassium. Baked apple without the peeling is tolerated as well as applesauce and can be more flavorful.


Juice, Water, Athletic Drinks, Punch- Remember: if it is very cold, it may help with the pain and swelling.